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While somewhat alarming, the appearance of red, blue, and purple veins on the surface of your legs, chest, or face is usually harmless. If having spider veins concerns you, Don H. Gaede, MD, and the varicose vein specialists at VeinPros in Fresno, California, can evaluate the cause and suggest treatment options to reduce or remove spider veins. Use the online booking feature or call to schedule an appointment today.

Spider Veins Q & A

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are a form of varicose veins that cause the appearance of red, blue, or purple veins under the skin. They are usually small, thin lines that are flat or slightly raised on the surface of your skin. While usually seen on the legs, spider veins can also appear on the face and chest.

Why am I getting spider veins on my legs?

Weakened or damaged valves in veins are the most common cause of spider veins on legs. Women are more likely to get spider veins than men. Other factors that increase your risk of developing spider veins include:

Pregnancy and childbirth

Increased blood flow when you’re pregnant, combined with the weight of the baby, puts more pressure on leg veins. Spider veins may also appear on your face after labor during childbirth. Some spider veins caused by pregnancy fade after the baby is born, but some women have them permanently.

Hormone treatment

Estrogen can weaken vein valves. Women taking hormonal birth control or receiving hormone treatment for menopause are at increased risk of spider veins.

Inactive lifestyle

Your veins work harder to move blood up toward your heart when you sit or stand for long periods of time. 

Sun exposure

The ultraviolet light from the sun can cause broken blood vessels and spider veins, particularly on your face.


If your family has a history of spider veins, you are much more likely to get them. In fact, 90% of people with spider veins report their family members also have spider veins.


Vein valves become weaker throughout the aging process. Your calf muscles help support veins in your legs to help pump blood up toward the heart, and they also tend to grow weaker with age, contributing to the likelihood of spider veins.

Regardless of the cause of your spider veins, VeinPros offers comprehensive evaluations and treatment to remove them.

How are spider veins treated?

Many people do not need treatment for spider veins, as they are generally harmless. If you wish to remove spider veins for cosmetic reasons or because they cause discomfort, VeinPros offers several treatment options, including Sclerotherapy (injections).

If you’d like to remove your spider veins, give VeinPros a call or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.